Inside a Marathon Plus

Last weekend I changed the tyres on my main bicycle from Marathon Pluses to Marathon Winter tyres (just in time for Monday morning’s frost). I took the opportunity to cut up one of the Marathon+ tyres to take a look inside.

Pictures of a Marathon+ tyre, from 2014

The tyre tread is certainly impressive for a use of about 10,000km, unfortunately other bits of tyre didn’t age as well (it’s about 6 years old). The sidewalls did not look too happy in places and the reflective strip had come off on one side. But I’m certainly going to run the next set for a longer distance if possible, having seen how rubber and puncture protection is left. The tyres did, by the way, have not a single puncture in their lifetime.

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Grown up in Kiel, now living in Reading.
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1 Response to Inside a Marathon Plus

  1. I’m not surprised you didn’t get a single flat in 10,000kms looking at the thickness of that blue puncture protection layer. I think they had one of these tyres cut open in the bike shop the other day with some tacks stuck into it, the point of the tack didn’t even penetrate all the way through!


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