Last month I managed to ride to the Bungsberg again, the first time for a long time. It is Schleswig-Holstein‘s highest point with phenomenal 168m above sea level. On the way there I followed the B202 from Kiel which wasn’t too bad. But the cyclepaths along are quite bad in places due to roots from trees popping the tarmac. Also, cyclepaths designers are also under mistaken impression that cyclist enjoy bonus tight corners and extra hills. Near the Bungsberg the cyclepaths were even worse with big cracks and large potholes. I also made the mistake to follow a signpost indicating a cycle route to my destination which for the last kilometre turned into a steep and narrow footpath. But the weather was nice, sunny but not too warm,

From 2015
From 2015

and I had good view from the top. Unfortunately, I had not brought a lock along and therefore could not climb up the telecommunications tower. The ride home was more pleasant, though still riddled with bumpy mandatory cyclepaths through villages that have a 30km/h speed limit. I took a rural route to Preetz just to the North of Malente and Plön.
Still, a nice trip that was just above the 100km mark that I can recommend for a bike ride on a sunny day.


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