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Grown up in Kiel, now living in Reading.

Star trails

A few weeks ago there were a few cold and almost cloudless nights. Using the same setup described previously I captured images with a Raspberry Pi and glued them together. More pictures from 2019 are in this Google album.

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Running and Cycling in 2017

Using the excellent Heatflask you can visualize my cycling and running around Reading and Kiel . Bike rides are blue and runs are red.

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Beluga and sunsets

This August I managed to get a better picture of the Airbus Beluga in Hamburg . This amazing plane looks about as airworthy as a bumblebee and unlikely to be able to fly. From the tower in Laboe I took … Continue reading

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Latitude tracks of 2012

I wrote this a a few years ago for my website that I have now migrated to wordpress. Soon after Google Latitude started I signed up for it and sporadically updated my location. This worked slightly better with more advanced … Continue reading

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I have finally found some time to use my Raspberry Pi as timelapse camera to capture some startrails. I found this useful page showing all the details needed to set the Pi camera to a maximum of 6s exposure. I got the … Continue reading

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Energy consumption

I finally got round to writing up the analysis of the energy consumption of our home. Using almost 2 years worth of consumption and temperature readings I work out the leakage of our house and look at the seasonality of … Continue reading

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Maps for Garmin eTrex 30

This is more a memo to self than a blog post. For an up to date map for the Garmin eTrex 30 go to Garmin Openstreetmap and download the required map. Then copy the file on to the SD card into a … Continue reading

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