Sweden 1985

In 1985 we recruited another friend from school to join us on a second trip to Sweden. We had improved our equipment and this was going to be the last trip of my green Motobecane bike. I had bought a trailer which we used to bring even more stuff. A trailer is not exactly the best thing for touring with others as you end up being very slow uphill and to fast downhill.

14 July Kiel – Bagenkop Lohals Korsør 68km

On the first day I noticed that the trailer may be something that would take a while to get used to. Still we managed two ferries in one day and were on Zealand in the afternoon.

15 July Korsør – Dianalund Frederikssund 100km

To the my dismay this turned out to be quite a hilly part of the trip.

16 July Frederikssund – HillerødHelsingborg 64km

After a visit to the castle in Hillerød we cross over to Sweden.

Hamlet's castle

Hamlet’s castle

17 July Helsingborg – Malmö 70km

The landscape continued to be hilly.

18 July Malmö – Trelleborg 50km

We had the first mechnical thanks to a broken spoke.

19 July  Trelleborg – Kåseberga Simrishamn 95km

After monumental rain in the morning we visited the stone ship Ales Stena.

Ales Stena

Ales Stena

20 July Simrishamn – KivikVitabyBrösarpKristianstad 78km

One of us came of his bike on the a downhill section, but fortunately there is no serious injury.

21 – 22 July Kristianstad 0km

A rest day in Kristianstad.

23 July Kristianstad – SölvesborgNorje 46km

We camp wild for the time.

24 July Norje – KarlshamnRönnebyKarlskronaBjorknäs 117km

More broken spokes.

25 July Bjorknäs – KalmarStensö (Voxtorp) 77km

We visited a church near Stensö, Voxtorp.

Church in Voxtorp. You can see my beloved trailer in the picture.

Church in Voxtorp. You can see my beloved trailer in the picture.

26 July Kalmar – Runsten 39km



After visiting the castle in Kalmar we continued to Öland across one of the longest bridges I have ever cycled across. We also bought tickets for our planned trip by train to Stockholm. Another night with wild camping.

27 July Runsten – Föra – Byxelkrok 80km

In a bid to retrieve fossils from rocks on the coast of Öland I managed injure my middle finger badly which makes cycling on an unsurfaced track challenging.

28 July Byxelkrok – Oskarshamn (ferry)

We crossed back to the mainland by ferry.

29 July Oskarshamn – Stockholm (train)

We took the train to reach Stockholm.

30 – 31 July Stockholm 50km

Sight-seeining Stockholm.



1 August Stockholm – Bro – Enköping 92km

On the way we visited Yttergran church which is famous for its frescos.

2 August Enköping – VästeråsMunktorpKöping – Malmön 85km

3 August Malmön – Arboga – Risebykloster 106km

In Arboga I had to change the cassette on my bike as it had stopped to freewheel properly. And one of us managed looses his passport.

4 August Risebykloster – Askersund – Halna – Götakanal 98km

More mechanical woe: the cable for the front brake breaks and the mudguard loses a screw.

5 August Götakanal – Tidavad – Götene – Kimre – Vedun – HusabyFilsbäck 72km

6 August Filsbäck – LidköpingTun – Aas- Flo – Trollhättan 80km

7 August Trollhättan – Lilla EdetKungälv – Bohus – Göteborg – Kärrelunda 97km

8 August Göteborg

We purchased tickets for the Stena ferry to Kiel and managed to get a temporary passport to return to Kiel. The mechanical problems continue with a broken gear shifter cable and a broken chainwheel.

9 August Kiel

In almost three weeks we cycled about 1576km.

I learned that towing a trailer is to be avoided at all cost.



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