Touring cycling

I did a few long distance bicycle trips with friends from school in the summer holidays of 1983, 1984 and 1985. They were mostly through Denmark and Sweden. All routes are reconstructed from slowly fading memory and diaries in some cases. These trips were achieved on my green Motobecane bicycle.

After I left school the journeys were done on a Koga-Miyata Randonneur from 1985. Mostly using Schwalbe Marathons which in combination with “Mr. Tuffy” were pretty incident free. Unfortunately, this bike was stolen in Durham in 1990, mostly due to incompetent locking. It was replaced with a bike I got from my sister, a 1986 Koga-Miyata Randonneur Extra. Like its predecessor it has seen a lot of Schleswig-Holstein, where I used to go on day trips of 100-200km with friends quite regularly. I still own that bike and it is still in use.

The trips in more detail


The main camping equipment used for the trips from 1985 onwards includes:



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